Power Back Diet

The Power Back Diet is recommended for all students interested in improving their athletic abilities.

Athletics Locker

Student Athlete Handbook

Student Insurance Plans

The School District will not be providing medical or dental insurance for your child should he/she be injured on school premises while under school grounds jurisdiction, or through school sponsored activities.  However you may purchase such insurance from Pacific Educators. These benefits are limited. Information regarding these benefits can be obtained in the school office.


Coaches Contact Information

Coach Contact Info:
If you have questions about team sports you may contact the following AWESOME coaching staff:
Baseball: Gary Woods at: 916-952-7023 cell
Boys Golf: Brad Fortna at: bradfortna@gmail.com
Softball: Coach Burcell at: 918-0781
Tennis: Coach Sally Gautrueax at: 925-1772
Track & Field: Coach Nesheim at: 926-2614 ex 3010 or snesheim@sisuhsd.net

Required Athletic Forms


Every athlete needs an Athletic Clearance Slip from Mr. Nesheim (Athletic Director) to begin trying out and/or practicing with any team…for each new SEASON: Fall, winter or spring.  Coaches will not allow you to participate at tryouts or practice without an Athletic Clearance Slip. To receive an Athletic Clearance Slip, see Mr. Nesheim in Room 6 to verify you have a valid completed sport physical, yellow card and current Voluntary Participation/Assumption of Risk/Proof of Medical Insurance form on file.  Sport physical forms are valid for one calendar year. Yellow cards are valid for your Mt. Shasta High School career. Insurance forms are valid for one school year. Bring any new sport paperwork to Mr. Nesheim.  You can pick up sport forms in the school’s office.


Life of an Athlete at Mt. Shasta High

Mt. Shasta High School looks forward to presenting the Life of an Athlete program for athletes and parents. It is quite common in this day and age to lose track of the true benefits of athletics, which are living a lifestyle that reflects commitment to a set of ideals, community pride in healthy youth, and striving for excellence. The Life of an Athlete program will bring this discussion to the forefront for the benefit of our students each season.  The program requires periodic exchanges of new information to athletes and families.  Athletes and parents must attend a Life of an Athlete program orientation meeting at the beginning of each athlete’s first sport of the school year.  Student leaders make brief presentations, and then parents have the opportunity to ask the Athletic Director questions about the code of conduct.  Copies of the new Athletic Code of Conduct are available.  All meeting attendees sign a roll sheet to document that they have attended the meeting.  Athletes that do not attend the meeting face limitations on participation until they attend a face-to-face meeting with the Principal. They may practice but not compete.

Application for Alternative PE Credit

Athletes may choose to substitute participation on MSHS sports teams for up to one year of PE credit; one season equals one quarter of credit.  The school will adhere to deadlines and deny credit for late applications. Applications are available in the main office, and usually at end-of-season award ceremonies.

·          Athlete and parent signatures required.

·          Coaches signature required.

  • Give all the applications to the athletic director immediately. 

Voluntary Transportation Fee

Funded Siskiyou Union High School District Sports will be asking families to pay a voluntary Athletic Transportation fee to offset some of the costs of using school busses to transport to athletic events.  The success of this new policy will allow us all to avoid more severe cuts to our athletic programs next year. The fee will be $60 per sport with a maximum yearly family cap of $250. The fee for free and reduced lunch eligible athletes will be $20 perseason with a maximum yearly family cap of $100. Coaches of Football, Volleyball, Cheer, Basketball, Ski/Snowboard, Tennis, Track & Field, Baseball andSoftball will be distributing forms for payment.  Payment will be made to the MSHS office.

Steve Nesheim, Athletic Director

Contact Steve Nesheim at snesheim@sisuhsd.net.


Online Calendar


View Mt. Shasta High School daily events, including practice schedules, on the on-line calendar on the Siskiyou Union High School District web page. 

Athlete Attendance and Practice/Play Policy


PLEASE READ- Athlete Attendance Policy

It is the policy at MSHS that any student athlete who is more than 30 minutes late for any class on either a practice day or game day will NOT be allowed to attend practice or play in a game on that day unless absence was due to a doctor’s appointment and a note from the doctor has been turned into the office.  In addition, any student who has been absent for the entire day, regardless of whether it was due to a doctor’s appointment or illness, will also be unable to practice or play in that day’s game.