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English Faculty

Toni Erro

1st period       English II

2nd period      English I

3rd period      Adv. English II

4th period       Prep

5th period       English I  

6th period       English I

7th period       Prep

8th period       English I


Sue Villarreal

1st period       Frosh Survey

2nd period      English III

3rd period      Prep

4th period      Drama II

5th period      Prep

6th period      Public Speaking

7th period      English III

8th period      Ind. Study




Cristin Harryman

1st period         Prep

2nd period       Frosh Humanities

3rd period       Frosh Humanities

4th period       AP English

6th period       Prep

7th period       Frosh Humanities

8th period       Frosh Humanities


Les Phillips

1st period      Creative Writing

2nd period      AP Literature (2012 list - check w/ a classmate to see if there's been changes for the 13-14 school year)

3rd period     English IV

4th period     Prep

5th period     English II

6th period     English IV

7th period     English II

8th period     Prep

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