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PLEASE READ- Athlete Attendance Policy
MSHS Athletic Attendance Policy

It is the policy at MSHS that any student athlete who is more than 30 minutes late for any class on either a practice day or game day will not be allowed to attend practice or play in a game on that day. The only exception is if the absence was due to a doctor appointment and a note from the doctor (with the time and date of the appointment on it) has been turned into the office upon entering school. In addition, any student who has been absent for the entire day (doctor appointment, personal reasons or illness) will be unable to practice or play in any game on that day of absence. If a student is tardy, regardless of whether it is more or less than 30 minutes, it is important that he/she check in at the office when they arrive so that the office staff can record the time of arrival and enter it into the computer in order to avoid any confusion regarding eligibility for the day.

If the athlete has any detentions, a minimum of one detention a day must be served to be eligible to practice/play.
FALL coaching Staff
Cheer, Fall: Tanya Hutton
Cross Country: Bryan Hoskins
Football, Varsity: Dave Kindley
Golf, Girls: Jerry Oldham
Soccer: Bradly Robinson
Volleyball: Amy Hoss
Policy for Clearing Absences as of August 2016
Absences MUST be cleared within 3 days of a student’s absence. Any absence not cleared within 3 days by either a phone call, email to the office (, or handwritten note turned into the office will be marked as a cut, which will result in 3 detentions for each period missed. Once a cut has been entered it cannot be changed therefore it is important to clear the absence within the 3 days grace period. The autodialer will call the evening of an absence to remind a parent that they forgot to call the school. The parent may leave a message on the school’s voicemail if calling after hours. Please be sure to include student’s name, date of absence and reason for absence.
Baseball: Chuck Mahan
Track & Field: TBA
Boys Golf: Chris Hanson
Softball: Blake Powers


4 months ago

Every athlete needs an Athletic Clearance Slip from the Debbie Moser (in the office) to begin trying out and/or practicing with any team…for each new SEASON: Fall, winter or spring.  Coaches will not allow you to participate at tryouts or practice without an Athletic Clearance Slip.  To receive an Athletic Clearance Slip see Debbie (in the office) to verify you have all the paper work in. Necessary paper (listed below) can be downloaded to print below or can be picked up in the office from Debbie (in the office)

Bring any new sport paperwork to Debbie.

Get a clearance slip even if you have participated for  previous sports.

Funded Siskiyou Union High School District Sports will be asking families to pay a voluntary Athletic Transportation fee to offset some of the costs of using school busses to transport to athletic events. The success of this new policy will allow us all to avoid more severe cuts to our athletic programs next year. The fee will be $60 per sport with a maximum yearly family cap of $250. The fee for free and reduced lunch eligible athletes will be $20 perseason with a maximum yearly family cap of $100. Coaches of Football, Volleyball, Cheer, Basketball, Ski/Snowboard, Tennis, Track & Field, Baseball andSoftball will be distributing forms for payment. Payment will be made to the MSHS office.