Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Mount Shasta High School Graduates are:

Creative and complex thinkers who:

  • express original thought and develop inspiration in their areas of interest.
  • value learning, experiment with new ideas, and take risks in order to excel.
  • seek to bridge divides by challenging their own beliefs to understand other points of view.
  • solve college and career-related problems using various types of reasoning.
  • analyze information for bias and discern possible misinformation.
  • synthesize, summarize, compare, and contrast information from multiple sources.

Active citizens who:

  • show academic and personal integrity through their choices and actions.
  • are informed, involved, and take an active role in building positive communities at school and at large.
  • identify and ask significant questions that clarify various points of view to solve problems.
  • interpret information and draw conclusions to make informed decisions.
  • understand the need to adapt to a changing world and modify roles and responsibilities appropriately.

Effective communicators who:

  • demonstrate emotional intelligence in the ways that they engage with others.
  • recognize and interpret the elements of communication: written, verbal (vocabulary, enunciation, projection) and nonverbal (body language, eye contact, listening, attentiveness, etc), and use them in the appropriate contexts.
  • demonstrate understanding of information by interpreting technical and academic language and explaining it in common language.

Technologically proficient citizens who:

  • utilize technology responsibly and ethically to produce individual and shared products.
  • utilize technology to develop foundational skills to be used throughout life.
  • identify accurate and valid information through cross-referencing multiple sources.
  • understand the importance of Internet security and privacy for themselves and others.
  • adapt to ever evolving technology.
Mount Shasta H.S. Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement Our mission is to ensure that all students graduate qualified for post-high school options including university enrollment, community college, career-technical enrollment, military service, or the job market, so that they have genuine choices after graduation.

Vision Statement Our vision is to create an inclusive culture in order to help our students value themselves as learners, become educated citizens, college and career ready, and acquire a global perspective as contributing participants in a rapidly changing world.