Senior Project

The Senior Project is a district graduation requirement. Students can choose what to create or do for their project. The goal of the Senior Project is for students to apply their learning both from the classroom and real world experience.

The project needs to take a minium of 20 hours to complete. Students should select a mentor from the community to help them with questions about their project.

How to choose a project:

Students' projects should provide an answer to a quesiton they have. For example, What does it take to be an EMT? This student could begin by researching the profession and interview a current EMT. They could then choose to take courses at the college to earn their EMT cetficate. They would then produce a final product - such as a brochure which could be shared with the community.

All information about the Senior Project is provided in English IV (Senior English).

The first step is for students to complete the proposal form which is reviewd by the Senior Project Committe to ensure all compenents are addressed.

Students can begin their project once their proposal has been approved.

The culminating step is presenting their Senior Project Board during Bear Expo at the end of the shcool year.