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English Faculty

about 1 month ago

English Faculty

Cristin Harryman - Room 10

1st period        Prep

2nd period      AP English Language and Composition

3rd period       English I

4th period       English I

5th period       English I

6th period       Prep

7th period       Frosh Humanities

8th period       Frosh Humanities


Les Phillips - Room 8

1st period      Prep

2nd period    AP Literature  (Summer Assignment)

3rd period     English IV

4th period     English II

5th period     English IV

6th period     English IV

7th period     English II

8th period     Creative Writing

Sue Villarreal - Room 5

1st period       English II

2nd period      English III

3rd period      Prep

4th period      Drama II

5th period      Prep

6th period      English III

7th period      English III

8th period      Freshman Humanities